VRP – Fine Art meets Fashion and another piece of France

VRP – Fine Art meets Fashion and another piece of France

As promised another piece of my trip to France. 

Off Camera Flash… I’m so in love. 

To preface off, I have been a professional photographer since 2008, and very intrigued by the art of OCF, but very afraid of tackling what I didn’t know. I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge tho, and we only remain sharp if we are learning. So when the opportunity presented itself to learn from one of America’s greatest lighting masters, Nichole Van of Nichole Van Photography, I jumped on it as fast as real life would allow me! I took the time to research all the lighting gear, and after much time and careful planning, I purchased the equipment needed to complete an eye catching, jaw dropping session. Once I learnt how to set up my equipment, and the basic components of running it, I just realized I’d been handed the world… or what felt like it. To learn how to harness the majesticness of the sun is like having the keys to the universe.

And to learn in France… unbelieveable!!! This is a sample from one of our many sessions at the 

Chateau de Courtomer, Normandy, France. 

check out some more amazing work at Chic Critique!


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