Vision and Art- Avant Garde | Missoula Fashion Photographer

Vision and Art- Avant Garde | Missoula Fashion Photographer

Katrina Weingart
VioletRay Photography
Lolo National Forest, Montana


Beauty, Passion, Fashion, and Art.

These are things that made up this session. A local makeup artist and I got together to brain storm on a fun session to get ourselves out of our wet wintertime blues. When we met to discuss it, we knew we wanted high fashion and couture. Then when I pulled out my stash of “GracyLu Original” hats and hair pieces, the puzzle came together.

Jennifer and I knew who our two models were going to be, and based on that, we chose the hair pieces that we wanted them to showcase. From there, we went clothes hunting, choosing very chic and edgy clothing to accent our “center pieces”.

When it came to the day of the shoot, it was downpouring torrential buckets of sleet, so we drove up almost 4,200 ft above sea level to the Lolo National Forest and used the natural backdrop of the forest to accent our high fashion, couture style. SUCCESS! The haze of fog coming through the ravine of the mountains gave us a sense of mystery and romanticism that is hard to replicate!

Hairpieces: GracyLu Originals
Hair: Kinzie Kay, Missoula MT
MUA: Hannah T., Missoula MT


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