It includes your PREMIERE

This is where we meet after I’ve edited all of your senior photos. All of your images are set to a slide show and showcased to you in only a way that a boutique senior photographer can offer. You and your parents can see and touch all of the products I offer and I’ll be right there to guide you through your ordering session. I’m not one of those photographers that just slap some photos up on a website and leave you with the daunting and sometimes very intimidating task of choosing images. Here, I am able to answer any and all questions you have and I can even show you samples of amazing wall displays using various sizes of prints and Gallery Wrapped Canvas options. You’ll leave your ordering session with the absolute security that you know exactly what you’re getting and so much more!

Pre-session consultation:
This is the time that we spend meeting or talking about your portrait experience. Even before your session starts, we’ll talk shop about what to wear, tips and tricks for a great shoot, and how to get the most out of our shoot together! I have a special Pinterest board created just for seniors for great makeup, hair and clothing ideas. Collect your thoughts and ideas and then we will go over them to make sure that magic happens at your session! We can discuss what locations would best suit the feeling you want from them. Are you a modern fashionista or are you more of a romantic bohemian type? That will tell me whether to place you in an edgy urban alley or a warm grass field. We don’t want to confuse your personal style with the environment around you. We want it all to fuse together for an entire look rather than a stark difference between you and the setting you’re in.

And finally, and most importantly, you are paying for my time and talent.
I give you Hollywood style VIP treatment, making sure to know what lighting will make you look fantastic and what atmosphere will really compliment your shoot. I have taken the time to go to workshops and conventions to learn how to make the most of the light, the surroundings, and your angles. I don’t just hold my shutter down and hope for some lucky shots… I compose and create the shot before I even look through my lens. I am an artist, and I am honored that you entrusted me with your vision. At VioletRay Photography, I use our natural God-given environment and surroundings for your photographs. Belief in the fact that there can be no backdrop more beautiful than the one God gave us in nature is my inspiration. Allowing the sunlight to kiss the top of your head, framing a beautiful moment … this is only where the beauty starts.