Stone Family Surrogacy Fund

Stone Family Surrogacy Fund

I have shivers going up my spine right now.

My dearest childhood friend, Ali, and her husband Brian, want so bad to have a baby… But they can’t. Due to medical conditions, Ali is unable to carry a baby, so that only leaves them with a couple options. But God has blessed them with the option of surrogacy. Her friend, Caryn, offered herself up as a surrogate.

But there is sooo much planning and medical work-ups that go into this, and the military doesn’t cover hardly anything at all.

They need our help… whatever little we can offer, for the opportunity to have this miracle.

Here’s Ali and Brian’s blog:

If you have any special talents that you would be able to donate or give to their cause, it would be greatly appreciated!

Here’s a few images that I had done for them as a part of the Operation Love: ReUnited program:

I hope their story finds a way into your hearts, where we can make a difference! If nothing else, if you could just leave a little love on their blog to let them know you care, even that is a LARGE blessing in these two families lives!
Thank you and cheers!

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