New Traditions at VioletRay Photography!

New Traditions at VioletRay Photography!

*fork on wine glass* May I have your attention please?

Indeed this shall be my new tradition. Every Monday when permitting we’ll have a comment game where ya’ll give me a list of dinners, I let Jer choose from the list, I make the winning recipe, and I’ll post the story & pictures of the Monday Dinner!

Each week, there will be a prize offered from me, VioletRay Photography, and I’ll try to change up the prize a little each week to make it a lil more challenging and fun! After posting the picture I’ll say what I did to make the meal, and then we’ll see if YOU decide to remake it! =D Invite your friends and everyone join in! This will be so much FUN!!!

Here’s tonights, recipe courtesy of Marcy Kynaston. Marcy won a 10% off coupon to my Etsy Fine Art store! Congrats!

“Drunken Chicken” on Angel Hair

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