Cory and Missy are Married!

Cory and Missy are Married!

I have a very special spot in my heart for this session for a couple of reasons.

Cory is my cousin and we grew up very close to each other. Our mum’s were pregnant with us at the same time, and then our parents spent alot of time together so of course we spent alot of our young growing up years hanging out together too. Then when all was said and done, and Missy and Cory sent out their save the dates… as life would have it, they picked their wedding to be the same day as Jeremy and I! So as Jeremy and I celebrated our 6th year anniversary, we watched in celebration as Cory and Missy said their vows and declared their forever love.
I just love the fact that I share so many important and special memories and now an anniversary date with my cousin! and his new and wonderful wife, Missy!
I love you guys and can’t wait to get the rest of your images ready!


  • Anonymous / 13 April 2011 12:56

    Trina~ Thank you so much for taking a few pics of us at the wedding. We are just amazed at how beautiful they turned out! You are truly talented at what you do. We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Thank you for sharing our (AND YOUR!) special day with us. We love you.
    Cory and Missy

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