Catching up!

Catching up!

So, lots has been going on for us! and there is LOTS to catch up on! Between my site and facebook, I’ve got to admit, my poor blog has taken the backseat. =( Poor thing. Well this should make it happy!

I’m in the process of enjoying Nichole Van’s Workshop in a Box. I already feel its making a difference, and I’ve only read 2 chapters! I <3 her stuff! She is nothing shy of amazing, and I hope to be half as good as her here sooner than later! =D Here's a small sample of the product of what I'm learning. Use of correct lighting and aperture, with a lil flare of some couture creativity in there!

And an exciting note for VioletRay Photography!, I’m now a member of OperationLove: ReUnited! A service that photographers perform for our servicemen as they are being deployed on their tours. Check it out at: for more details!

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