Brooke Rugger Chic | Missoula Senior Photographer

Brooke Rugger Chic | Missoula Senior Photographer

Living in Montana can sometimes be challenging for a natural light
photographer. But most of the time, it gives me the most amazing
photographic opportunities! Missoula is an old school city, with unique
buildings, great landscape, and super fun and awesome people.

I felt extremely blessed and had so much fun with this shoot! This
beautiful young lady, Brooke, was in charge of picking the location for
her session. She wanted unique and not commonly used, something totally
different from the "normal" session sites. So, what better then an old
dilapidated abandoned railroad track running through the heart of "Old
Missoula" and through some crazy coloured residential area!

Brooke totally brought this session to life. She's an awesome rugby chick,
who brought chic and stylish all together! It really wasn't hard at all do
"my job". As a photographer, I'm not afraid to get up and personal for a
session to make sure that I capture their best features. Brooke used her
own incredible sense of style to accent her sharp stunning blue eyes, and
intertwined golds and creams to bring out the fall colours that surrounded
us. Pulling together her amazing fun and life filled personality and the
rich crisp fall atmosphere, Brooke rocked her session, and I'm certain
she's going to go far in life!

“Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind… don’t matter” ~Dr Suess


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