Avant Garde’ – Project 2 | Montana Fashion Photography

Avant Garde’ – Project 2 | Montana Fashion Photography

This session's basic idea was pulled out of my imagination and put
together by an amazing team of artists. I say team, because because
without the help of others, this magic couldn't happen.

My goal for the new year is to do one concept shoot a month. It's good for
me to help stretch my creative wings, and its a great way to meet and work
with other professionals in my city. I work with the beautiful young lady
who is the model at our local hospital in the ER, and what a spit fire she
is! Using her unique roller-derby look (yes! She did used to play for the
HellGate RollerDerby team!), I consulted with Lisa (Lisa's Mini Mad
Hattery) for a custom head piece to accent Rachel's amazing red hair and
fun tattoos. Then based off the hat, my MUA, Jenn, went to work with
Rachel's fair skin and the hat to give us an amazing smokey chicness. To
top it all off, Anna used her own creative judgment with the hair! A
perfect look!!!

The day of session, it was a balmy 18 degrees. We drove to the local
NorthSide Cemetery to make use of the clear roadways, and beautifully
frozen trees and pillar gates. It was freezing, but it gave us that
literally "cool edge" to pull off the look.

Magic. Sheer. Chic. Magic

**Hairpieces: Custom-made mini tophat by Lisa's Mini Mad Hattery,~
**MUA: Jennifer C., Skin Chic~ Missoula, MT
**Hair: Anna W., Shear Art Salon~ Missoula, MT

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  • Nitny / 12 February 2013 6:25

    What a fun session! Love her hair!

  • Meredith / 19 February 2013 7:20

    Love the mood of this and her hair is AWESOME!

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