~ Modern Boutique Senior Portrait Photography ~
Serving the Missoula, MT area

VioletRay Photography is a fashion forward High School Senior Portrait Photographer for the Missoula Valley areas. If you want an amazing and fun experience that is geared for the senior who desires unique and eye-popping senior portraits, VioletRay Photography is your go- to photographer!

She only works with the best team of make up artists around, and is famous for her stylish portraits, unique locations and her superb attention to detail and variety. Guaranteeing each session will be customized and tailored to each senior, every image will be fresh and new, carrying it's own bold spark of vibrant life!

VioletRay Photography is also known for her love of high fashion photography coupled with a timeless twist allowing her to showcase each of her seniors own personalities and characteristics.

VioletRay Photography's senior work has been NATIONALLY FEATURED and showcased on Seniorologie twice, multiple features on Senior Style Guide, Modern Teen Style, Senior Portraits Forum, Evoking You, Mozi Magazine, Emily Soto |Fashion Actions, Two Pears Design, and a special Avante Garde' fashion session on Lemonade and Lenses.

VioletRay Photography has also been PUBLISHED in five issues of Senior Style Guide, the debut issue of Modern Teen Style and CHIC Magazine.

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